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X-Ray Review Software

Our InSight Review is a full-featured, DICONDE compliant image analysis software package. While designed to fully integrate with InSight Acquisition and InMotion, it can be utilized to analyze images obtained by any compliant acquisition system.

InSight Review features a simplistic design that can be easily and quickly learned by any user. It utilizes few and straightforward menus for basic navigation as well as customizable shortcut menus that together allow the user comprehensive access to the full system. The customization continues with the ability to combine multiple filters into a single user-created filter, filter stacking and selection, and DICONDE image upload and tagging. The user will also have the option of creating different login levels that can hide or show certain features.

In addition, ASTM E2737 standards incorporated in the software allows the system to automatically import testing results into an ASTM report for more expansive data utilization. Embedded help videos and intuitive step-by-step instructions make using the included cutting-edge ASTM tools effortless. When paired with InSight Acquisition and InMotion, InSight Review can completely automate the capture, analysis, and reporting requirements of ASTM E2737.

Plus laptop device

Insight Review can be standalone premium X-Ray Review software or can easily be integrated with our InSight Acquire software to fully automate the inspection process. Extreme effort has gone into carefully creating a review software for the operator in which little training is required and has minimal settings to navigate through. An operator wants a review software that works, works well, and is easy to use. This is Insight Review.

Automated ASTM 2737

Our Automated ASTM tool takes one of the most challenging calibration setups and helps guide the operator to complete these tests in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Custom Filter Creations

Operators are able to stack multiple filters together and effortlessly create custom filters that can be turned on or off. Tools allow operators to easily modify kernels for advanced filter creations.

ASTM Reporting

We have taken out the tedious process of creating the ASTM reports and have now automated this process as well as made it easy to track reports throughout the life of the DDR panel.

Assisted Defect Recognition (ADR)

For repeat images, operators can set up regions of an image and tell how to classify indications for pass/fail and save these setups. These setups can then be recalled to run an entire folder of images that will help assist in the pass/fail process.

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