About Us

Marietta Nondestructive Testing specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, and service of both custom and standard nondestructive testing (NDT) systems for a variety of industries including aerospace, energy, automotive, defense, and petroleum. Our systems meet the unique and demanding requirements of highly technical applications utilizing x-ray, ultrasonic, and eddy current technology.

We are experts in the design and production of specialized testing machines including real-time x-ray systems, cabinets, and vaults as well as MeV high energy and CT solutions. Our ultrasonic systems are capable of inspecting complex shapes of varying sizes offering a range of options including large-scale gantry scanners with multiple axes of motion and immersion tanks in a wide range of sizes. With 8,800 m² (95,000 ft²) of design and manufacturing space, our in-house team of talented mechanical, electrical, and software engineers as well as designers, fabricators, and machinists are available to assist you with any of your inspection needs.

The Beginning

Higginbotham and Associates, Inc. had humble beginnings when founder Daryle Higginbotham started his business in his basement garage in 1988. With a 9" Rockwell Lathe and a Bridgeport milling machine, the focus of the new company was to provide custom design and manufacturing services for specialized machines. Daryle is a machinist by trade and mechanical engineering technologist by degree. This special combination allowed the company to become a one-stop shop for complete turn-key systems.

1988 - FOUNDED

Marietta Square

In 1991 the company moved out of the basement into its first office space on Marietta Square. Receiving its first large order from a government testing lab enabled the company to procure additional equipment and add manufacturing staff.



In 1994 Higginbotham and Associates, Inc enjoyed a growth spurt. The company moved to newer and larger facilities in the Old Clay building in Marietta and continued to add new clients. At around this time, the company began building custom industrial x-ray systems for a German company, Phillips Industrial X-Ray. These systems were privately labeled and sold in the United States, and this relationship contributed greatly to the company’s growth.


A New Branch

In 1999 Higginbotham and Associates was asked to become the US sales agency for Seifert X-Ray products. The company also added a new branch, Marietta X-Ray, LLC. The product base quickly expanded when the company expanded its manufacturing to include a complete line of high quality x-ray real-time systems and manipulators.



As the company’s reputation grew in the x-ray manufacturing industry, its capabilities became more widespread. An x-ray customer requested the company build a set of ultrasonic testing tanks. This was a good partnership between the systems manufacturing capabilities under Higginbotham and Associates and the technical nondestructive testing skills of Marietta X-Ray.



Today Marietta Nondestructive Testing, LLC is well established in the nondestructive testing industry. Systems utilize x-ray, ultrasonic, and eddy current technology primarily for the manufacturing and automotive industries. Designs are specialized projects requiring computer-controlled systems and range from multi-million-dollar projects to the design and fabrication of minor components to meet customers’ specific needs. Customers are located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.