The BRP-5000 bar, rod, plate inspection ultrasonic immersion tank is a full-featured, contour following 6-Axis scanner designed for scanning a variety of solid and cored materials. It consists of a steel frame support structure with stainless steel tank, rigid bridge, z-axis vertical arm, and three swivel/gimbal/swivel axes

The BRP-5000 includes all ultrasonic equipment, acquisition and analysis software, and water filtration system. All motors and encoders are fully compatible with our InMotion motion control software.

Additional Features
  • Designed and built in Marietta Georgia
  • Exceptionally rigid frame and mechanics for stable scans
  • Ergonomic part access height
  • Meets stringent uniformity requirements on complex shapes
  • Can be configured with phased array or conventional transducers
  • Meets Boeing and Airbus standards
  • Offline programming software for validation of scan plan
  • CAD model import module
  • High speed/high resolution scanning modes
  • Linear axes have high accuracy and negligible backlash for outstanding positioning capabilities



  •  Part fixturing
  • Unidirectional bar roller
  • Wireless or wired control pendant