FBS Flatbed


The FBS Flatbed is a full-featured 3-Axis flatbed scanner designed for scanning flat cored and solid laminate and bonded components. It consists of a steel frame support structure, X-axis scanning bridge, two electronically linked Y-axis carriages, two Z-axis vertical columns, and two manual gimbal/swivel assemblies.

The FBS Flatbed includes all ultrasonic equipment, acquisition and analysis software, independently controlled water nozzle assemblies, and water filtration system. All motors and encoders are fully compatible with our InMotion motion control software.


Additional Features
  • Designed and built in Marietta Georgia
  • Especially suited for relatively flat parts
  • Ergonomic part access height
  • Exceptionally rigid frame and mechanics for stable scans
  • Adjustable part fixturing bars allows for fast part fixturing in the horizontal
  • Meets stringent uniformity requirements on complex shapes
  • Uses standard ½” or ¾” element conventional transducers
  • Meets Boeing and Airbus standards
  • Offline programming software for validation of scan plan
  • CAD model import module
  • Simultaneous PE and TTU scanning modes
  • High speed/high resolution scanning modes
  • Linear axes have high accuracy and negligible backlash for outstanding positioning capabilities



  • Dual frequency transducers for composites with honeycomb
  • Wireless or wired control pendant
  • Perimeter safety light curtains