Motion Software Interface

At the heart of every automated inspection system is a mechanical handling system that provides relative movement of the source, detector, and/or part. The InSight InMotion module serves as the critical connection to the mechanical inspection system. InMotion provides coordinated, simultaneous control of up to twelve axes of motion to provide precise programmable manipulation. It also integrates with loading/unloading equipment to provide even more control. Once programmed, the system captures all images automatically and populates the server using a customized folder/file structure specified by the customer. Unlimited techniques can be stored and recalled.

Plus laptop device

InMotion is our motion software that allows the operator to easily set up automated scan routines with our easy to use motion interface. Because this software can communicate with our InSight Acquire software, each point in the scan plan can have custom FPS, Integrations, and even different X-Ray source settings. Shooting IQI shots are quick and effortless as our InMotion software can handle 100% of the inspection.

When utilized with a fully integrated InSight system, the InControl module can manage the parameters of the source kV and mA, source pulse rate, manipulator position, part position by point, and detector frame rate per technique. Modification of existing techniques is easily accomplished in the operator interface when the proper login credentials are provided.


DR Mode

Conventional mode is a “point and shoot” style scan where the operator sets up each position of the part and has the ability to setup custom DDR settings for each shot.

Integrated System Manipulators

We take the STL files of a given system and load them in our InMotion interface so the operator has a clear idea of where their part is in relation to actual coordinates.

CT Mode

Our CT mode allows the operator to easily set up a rotational scan by giving the position of the scan as well as the number of degrees in each rotation. These images can be saved and opened in a third-party CT reconstruction software or our CT reconstruction software.

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