InSight Acquire

Acquire Calibrated Images

Our InSight Acquire software is designed to acquire calibrated/corrected images from many commercially available digital detectors including Varex Imaging and PerkinElmer.  It offers a simple implementation of image calibration and testing tools designed to acquire images quickly and accurately.  The images are saved as a DICONDE (.DCM) file type by default which can be tagged and edited to align with custom needs. The .DCM file can be opened in any DICONDE compliant review software including InSight Review, Carestream Industrex, Fuji DynaView MP, and GE Rhythm. In addition, other 16-bit and 8-bit formats including .TIF are available to be exported. This seamless integration allows the operator to continue using already familiar filters and downstream processes so scanning can proceed smoothly with the new system.

Plus laptop device
i.   The integrated InControl x-ray controller module provides PC-based control of common industrial constant potential x-ray sets.  This not only provides a more economical solution than a physical controller, but also allows a high level of control of imaging techniques on a point-by-point basis.
 ii.   InSight Acquire displays the acquired image for instant review to ensure a good image has been captured, allowing it to be additionally used as minimal feature review software. This paired with a robust implementation of gain, offset, dead pixel map, and frame rate control facilitates rapid technique development. 
iii.   The InSight Acquire software allows window and leveling feature measurements with a fast and user-friendly interface. It features automated ASTM E2737 acquisition tools that seamlessly link with InSight Review for fully automated ASTM E2737 qualification and reporting. When combined with the InMotion Module, full inspection techniques can be programmed and automated for consistency, accuracy, and speed.

InSight Acquire High Energy

InSight Acquire High Energy (HE) is optimized to provide seamless integration with Varex M- and K-Series accelerators as well as a wide range of commercially available detectors. With InSight Acquire it is possible to fully control acquisition parameters to allow completely automated image capture with high energy inspection systems. Additionally, it controls accelerator pulse rate and mode selection and properly synchronizes the digital detector for image acquisition free of unwanted pulse noise. Functionality of InSight Acquire is tightly integrated with InMotion to enable complete high energy system automation. InSight Acquire is utilized for linear accelerator-based systems. Due to the nature of pulsed x-ray sources, pulses that occur while the detector electronics are being read will generate noise (lines) in the image. Long integration times are sometimes used to minimize the noise, but better image quality is obtained much faster by precisely controlling the accelerator pulses when reading the image data. The module provides this control through a combination of software and hardware. InSight Acquire HE hardware can be provided in one of two configurations: a PCI-X card-based solution to fit into the PC, or a self-contained version with USB connection for both power and communication. Both versions are fully compatible and integrated with our InControl controller.


The InControl X-Ray Controller provides PC-based control of common industrial constant potential x-ray sets including Comet, Hamamatsu, Gulmay, Varex, SourceRay, and Spellman. This virtual controller provides a more economical solution than a physical controller while granting the user coordinated control of the source and detector for image capture. It also facilitates more complete automation of a system by allowing complete technique control within InSight. Additionally, InControl can be provided as a standalone controller for a cost-effective and practical x-ray generator implementation into manual systems such as film or computed radiography image capture with no required motion control.

InSight CT

InSight CT is a full-featured, integrated computed tomography application that can be added to any Marietta NDT system. Utilizing the Varex CST toolbox, it provides powerful reconstruction capabilities with multiple correction algorithms not possible in other programs. It can be effectively layered within an ADR system to create robust analysis of complex assemblies. Retrofits into existing systems provide enhanced data capture and analysis capabilities including reconstruction, 2D and 3D image processing, detector corrections, CT image-based corrections, and geometry optimization. Corrections (scatter correction, beam hardening correction, blur deconvolution, etc.) are developed specifically for each detector and source by the manufacturer based on the exact components being used. This results in the highest possible fidelity images from the combination of components. Once the CT volume is created and the selected optimizations are applied, the data set is ready for analysis. Slices can be automatically or manually created for analysis in InSight Review as a standard DR image using tools that are familiar to the system operator. Some applications require dynamic analysis using model visualization. This is useful to allow the full part volume to be displayed while the view plane moves through the part. This can be helpful in determining how a defect propagates or the condition of a component cross-section along its length. Visualization of the complete model with segmentation or measurement of 3D features that cannot be obtained within a slice can be obtained instead through VGStudio software. It provides this capability as an added module. There are a wide range of configuration options available which should be discussed thoroughly at the quote phase.

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