Complex Motion Manipulators

Linear Accelerator

We are an authorized distributor of Varex Linatrons. We have the ability to evaluate your application and, in most cases, coordinate a partial or complete Motion Manipulator Solution.  The core of the solution will be the Varex Linear Accelerator and Varex detector for image chain production.

It’s more than just a lab scanner.

Well suited for production or lab environments : part types for inspection could include drive shafts, gears, rectangular plates, complex shapes, and composites to name a few.

Product Availability: 1 MeV Linatron XP to 15 MeV Linatron K

Varex Authorized Accessories:

  • Collimaters
  • PC interfaces
  • Flattening filters
  • Laser pointers
  • Motorized tables
  • Temperature control units
  • Voltage regulators
Linear Accelerator
Linear Accelerator
Additional Features

We can additionally provide:

  • Radiation shielding: guidance on concrete vaults and bunkers
  • X-ray image workstation software for image processing
  • Assisted defect recognition software for some applications
  • Material handling of parts
  • Part fixturing
  • Radiation safety