High Energy Solutions

We provide Mechanical Manipulation, Motion Control, Digital Imaging, Data Management, Radiation Safety, and Installations for your High Energy Application. Our solutions generally feature Varex Linear Accelerators from 1MeV to the K15

Our strength is the quality of imaging you acquire from our Digital Imaging Software and Sync Hardware components that are integrated into our High Energy Solutions.

Our software works with a variety of industry standard Digital Flat Panel Detectors, like Perkin Elmer and Varex. We can offer guidance for your High Energy needs from design concept to delivery.


  • Accelerators- Varex 1Mev-K15
  • Detector Manipulators
  • Linear Accelerator Manipulators
  • Part Handling Manipulators
  • Digital Imaging Software
  • Imaging Sync Hardware
  • Digital Flat Panels for High Energy
  • Shielding packages
  • Radiation Safety Packages
  • Automated Parts Handling Systems
  • Installations

Digital Imaging Panel

High Energy X-Ray Source

Intelligent Part Manipulator

Digital Image Acquisition and Motion Control

Synchronize Image Reception with High Energy Pulses

300x Detector Shielding

The electronics utilized in digital detectors are much more susceptible to radiation damage than the receptor itself. Receptor glass is typically rated at 1Mrad of dose, while the supporting electronics inside the detector may fail as early as 10 krad of dose. When utilized in high radiation environments, such as linear accelerator based systems, these radiation limits can be reached very quickly. To ensure reliability for the entire rated life of the receptor glass, the electronics must be adequately shielded from radiation.  

Marietta NDT offers customized shielding packages for high energy detectors that provide 300x attenuation of radiation in the electronics area. This approach ensures with a 3x safety factor that the detector electronics will last as long as the receptor itself. These shielding packages can be customized to allow inherent shielding provided by system parameters, such as part shielding. In some cases, a reduced thickness shield can be provided to obtain a compromise between longevity and system configurations. Shielding packages are typically manufactured from several inches of lead or tungsten plate, depending on the specific application requirements.

Sync Box

InSight Acquire is utilized for linear accelerator-based systems. Due to the nature of pulsed x-ray sources, pulses that occur while the detector electronics are being read will generate noise (lines) in the image. Long integration times are sometimes used to minimize the noise, but better image quality is obtained much faster by precisely controlling the accelerator pulses when reading the image data. The module provides this control through a combination of software and hardware.

InSight Acquire HE hardware can be provided in one of two configurations: a PCI-X card-based solution to fit into the PC, or a self-contained version with USB connection for both power and communication. Both versions are fully compatible and integrated with Marietta NDT InControl.