PVS Vaults

The PVS series x-ray panelized vault systems are designed to withstand the tough environment of heavy-duty industrial inspection and are used to inspect large parts or parts that require large manipulators. They are constructed with modular panels that can easily be assembled on site and reconfigured or relocated. The vaults are designed to be used with film, computed radiography, digital radiography, or real time imaging.

The PVS series x-ray vaults are designed to meet 21 CFR 1020.40 radiation safety requirements and other federal and state mandated requirements.

Additional Features
  • Designed and built in Marietta Georgia
  • Large variety of standard sizes
  • Shielding versions for 80kV to 450kV
  • CDRH and interlock switches
  • X-Ray On” light


  • Seismic engineered systems
  • Free-standing part and/or source and detector manipulators
  • Overhead tube stands
  • Motorized doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Allowances for Fire suppression
  • Allowances for HVAC