RTC Series

The RTC series x-ray real time cabinet systems are designed to withstand the tough environment of heavy-dutyindustrial inspection and can use monoblock, microfocus, and standard x-ray sources.

A typical solution allows the source and detector to move in
the vertical plane while allowing the part to rest on a base-mounted
manipulator with a rotary table. Five axes of motion give the operator
infinite adjustability when positioning the part.

The RTC series x-ray cabinets are designed to meet 21 CFR 1020.40 radiation safety requirements and other federal and state mandated requirements.

Additional Features
  • Designed and built in Marietta Georgia
  • Shielding versions for 80kV to 450kV
  • Supports various flat panel detectors
  • Part, source, and detector manipulators
  • CDRH and interlock switches
  •  "X-Ray On" light
  • InMotion control software
  • Motorized part door



  • Variety of accessories