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Marietta NDT is an industry leader specializing

in customized nondestructive testing systems which meet the unique and demanding requirements of highly technical applications. 

Marietta Nondestructive Testing Inc.'s (Marietta NDT) customized engineered systems offer large scale gantry scanners with multiple axes of motion.  Ultrasonic testing systems are capable of inspecting complex shapes of varying sizes quickly and are exclusively designed to meet customers’ specific requests.  In addition to ultrasonic testing, Marietta NDT is also expert in the design and manfacture of X-ray systems and other specialized testing machines. 

With over 95,000 square feet of design and manufacturing space and with a team of highly trained mechanical and electrical engineers, machinists, fabricators and technicians, Marietta NDT meets the needs of its customers from initial design discussions through manufacturing, installation and service.  Customers are located throughout North America , South American, Asia, and Europe and serve a wide variety of industries including aerospace, energy, automotive, defense and petroleum.

   "We just build a better machine!"

Marietta NDT Universal UT System

The Marietta NDT Universal Ultrasonic system is a high quality ultrasonic machine engineered to out perform and out last the other products in the market.

The Universal machine has great versatility. It can be configured to inspect parts in an immersion tank or using a squirter system. Pulse echo is the standard; however, through transmission is made possible with a yoke attachment or optional second bridge. Programmable drives allow inspection of contoured or flat panels. The scanning area of the system is scalable to each customer’s unique parts

Watch the Universal UT System in Action:

Marietta NDT is partnering with UTEX Scientific

We are pleased to announce our new partner, UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc. of Canada. more